A Classic Hat That You Can Adorn in Many Ways but Others May Not Have Imagined!

Top hats! There are few options more formal than the classic top hat when it comes to headwear. When paired with the right suit, there’s nothing that can match the aura of a top hat. Generally, you’ll want to leave this hat at home unless you attend a strictly formal event where tails will feature in the men’s ensemble. You can save such a look for a few occasions, while it doesn’t hurt to experiment with this hat’s rakish version, a modern take on the typical classic style, allowing you to wear it on nights out with friends or even during an adventure.

It’s no surprise to get tempted by the rich collection of top hats for men when browsing through your options. But one thought may constantly bother you – whether it will be a good investment for your wardrobe. You can think like this because you believe that this hat variety primarily belongs to formal settings or themed events. But do you know you can flaunt this hat with casual attire also? Here are some looks that describe different outfit ideas for other occasions with a top hat. Let’s delve into them for quick style inspiration.

The gothic style for a formal look

Gothic fashion finds its expression in darkness, mystery, and the surprising array of wide dress pieces. In the early Gothic period, men often wore their hair to chin length in style known as a ‘burn.’ Men even bleached their hair during these eras. Beards were not very common for most of early gothic history. However, it wasn’t until later that people had a more accepting view of facial hair and shorter hairstyles. It may surprise some that although black clothing often appeared in the upper echelons of Goth fashion, some did not necessarily wear this color. Still, one cannot deny that each Goth, in the end, went against the set norms to stand out in a crowd, and with an accessory like a top hat, it was convenient for them to draw more attention.

If you wish to replicate this style in some contemporary shape and form, consider opting for sleeker and more fitting clothing. Make sure all the pieces in your formal attire complement each other. Another thing is that button the clothes up to your coats in a sort of unique fashion. Long sleeves of the shirt and blazer are acceptable, while the undershirt can afford some lacy details on the front. Wear a romantic bowtie to spread some charm, and top off this look with a sleek top hat, which can be leather material. Keep it slightly tilted to one side. In this strictly formal party outfit, you will be an epitome of romance and vision.

The guy-next-door look with some penchant for style

You can be in the mood for some adventure and decide to go on a long drive with your friends at night. Or, it can be a simple city tour plan. You may look for an easy-to-wear style that keeps your fashion bar high in both these situations. With a top hat in your collection, you can rest assured of achieving this as long as you execute your outfit idea right. So, pick a banded or unbanded top hat as per the mood of the outdoor trip. 

Slick your hair back, apply some gel, and the hairstyle will be perfect for getting adorned by the hat. The look can blend well with faded and slightly distressed jeans paired with a crew neck t-shirt. If you choose a hat with any fine decorative detail, keeping the rest of your clothing simple will be better. Else, going with a digital print t-shirt is not a bad idea. Shoes can be leather; something with a pointed front can make your style pretty sharp. Even boots will blend well. However, it largely depends on your comfort and what’s available in your wardrobe. 

The semi-casual boyish charm 

Because fashion doesn’t have any limitations as long as you dress up or dress down tastefully, you can give your semi-casual outfit an elegant and unique twist by adding a top hat. Consider wearing items like chinos, suspenders, full sleeve button-down shirt, and sneakers to give it a proper closure. You will look more than a style icon if you get your color combinations and selection of top hats right.

Generally, men struggle with styling their hat looks when they try to play by the rulebook. So set your mind free from this and get creative. Your fashion sense doesn’t need to fit into a specific category. You have a different personality, and your choices should flatter it. You can never go wrong with your fashionable outfit when you ensure this. At the same time, remember that the quality of your accessories and the overall clothing have to be perfect. Otherwise, the whole impression will get ruined. Nevertheless, you know now the possibilities with this hat style. So, keep exploring and implementing!