The Magnificent Rainbow Mountains in Peru


Waiting for a light rain in the sun iands not the only way to see the rainbow, because you can also see many colorful bands on the rare rainbow mountains on earth. The first name that many people think of Peru is the famous ancient Machu Picchu, but few people know the spectacular nature of the rainbow mountain calledainicunca. Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca is located in the Andes Mountains, southeast of Cusco city, Canchis province, Peru. It is a totally a nature made mountains with number of colorful stone range like a rainbow.

Vinicunca is a natural stone mass formed from casinoscout casino sandstone with different natural colors. The coloration here is the presence of various minerals. Pink is from red clay mixed with sand and silt, white from sandstone and calcium carbonate rocks, red from iron rich clay, blue for Phylite and magnesium rich clays, the color brown for magnesium pebbles and yellow from sulphide-containing limestone.

When coming to this mountain, you can know the reason why Vinicunca is called as a rainbow mountain. That name, of course, coming from its appearance. Each mountain peak in tsnow pines covered with colorful bands such as gentle pastel green, intense red, green, pink and yellow. Locals knew about the existence of this Rainbow Mountain decades ago, before it was considered a tourist attraction. But they also did not expect much because getting here was a challenge.

Located at an altitude of 5,000 meters above sea level, to get here at best online casino sa, you have to climb mountains and go around the vast peaks, which requires great physical strength. The journey to Vinicunca is only suitable for young or middle-aged people who from 18- to 40-year-olds with good physical background and a passion to explore.

As mentioned above, this journey is quite harsh so if you are planning to go, you should prepare your physical strength (both physically and mentally). You can run, cycle, rock climbing, or do whatever you want to increase the strength you like. Coming here, in addition to the colors of the rainbow rocks, you can also admire the endless green meadows where the cute white alpacas enjoy their meal.

To get the best conditions for visitors, locals from the villages offer camel rental. You can rent it to save your energy, but even with this service, you will still need to walk the end (100 meters) of the trail to reach the Rainbow Peruvian mountains, which will provide you a panoramic view of the whole place. Many tourists depart from Mount Ausangate to come to Vinicunca, but if you are hiking from there, it is quite a long journey. Originally a rocky mountain range, there were no trees around Vinicunca or any place to stop. When you arrive, you can take a walk, take a hot spring bath and admire the majestic beauty of the surrounding nature.

On the 1-day tour, you will experience the feeling of walking on the Phullawasipata Trail – the way to the top of Vinicunca Mountain and visiting the Red Valley, then you will return to Cusco (this tour price is based on the number of people Go: Group of 12-16 people will be 30 $ per pax, 2 people is 109 $ per pax, 3 people will be 89 $ per pax, the bigger the number, the cheaper the cost will be).

With the 2-day tour, you will have an overnight camping experience in Illapampa (tour price is $ 340 for groups of 4 or more). For the 4-day tour, you will go to South Valley, Illapampa, Alcatauri, Huanuhuanu, Pacchanta and finally Cusco. It is really a risky trip when it has to operate continuously for many consecutive days (tour price is 489 $ per pax).


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