Vegas Packing List: Business and Pleasure


Living just a 5-hour car journey or a 1-hour flight from Sin City, this is a destination I seem to find myself returning to over and over again. Though mostly for pleasure purposes I made my first business trip over this week for the JCK trade show and packed my small carry-on quite a bit differently than on my previous trips.

So whether you are visiting the city for one of its many trade shows throughout the year or to let whatever happens in the city stay there, here are your packing lists to keep you prepared for whatever might come your way (and if you’ve seen The Hangover you know that literally could be anything).

For Pleasure

When visiting Vegas for pleasure you will likely be spending most of your time at aussie online casinos between pools, clubs, and casinos. Especially when traveling during the warmer months you will want loose dresses and multiple swimsuits. A comfortable pair of sandals and/or flat shoes is needed for wandering during the days as walking down the strip takes a lot longer than it looks in the heat. Multiple swimsuits are also essential – especially in the warmer months since you may end up needing them more than once a day and there is nothing worse than putting on a wet swimsuit.

Situated in the middle of the desert, the winter months get colder than you would likely expect. Shorts are not needed and you may want a heavier jacket than in the spring or summer. The desert is extremely dry so along with sunscreen to protect your skin you also are going to want moisturizer and chopstick. Throw in anything you use to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

For Business

Though the weather may not be changing, packing for a business trip to Vegas and a visit to golden riviera casino is definitely different than packing for a pleasure trip. The majority of your trip is going to be spent in an air-conditioned indoors so even if traveling in the middle of summer be sure to still pack a light blazer or work jacket and bring a pair or two of business trousers.

Rather than strutting around Vegas in sky-high stilettos like many visitors to Sin City, you are going to need flat or low-heeled comfortable shoes during a business trip. Most business trips to Vegas involve trade shows so you will likely be spending hours on your feet. Wearing high heels will not only make you uncomfortable all day but also distract you from your work. 

Even though you are there for business that does not necessarily mean you won’t have any downtime. You will also likely be attending business dinners so be sure you have a nice evening dress and appropriate heels for this occasion. Even if you don’t plan on lying by the pool or going to Marquee for the night just come prepared just in case. It is Vegas, anything is possible.


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