The Lesser-Known Story of Hanuman’s Wife: Anjana.


In Hindu mythology, Lord Hanuman is one of the most revered and celebrated figures. Known for his loyalty, strength, and devotion to Lord Rama, Hanuman is a central character in the epic Ramayana. However, behind every great man, there is a great woman. In this blog post, we will uncover the lesser-known story of Hanuman’s wife, Anjana. While her role may not be as well-known as Hanuman’s, Anjana’s story is one of love, sacrifice, and resilience that deserves to be told.

Anjana: The Divine Ape Princess
Anjana was not an ordinary mortal woman. She was a divine being, an Apsara (celestial nymph) who was born on Earth due to a curse. Anjana’s beauty was unparalleled, and she was known for her grace and purity. Her devotion to Lord Shiva was unwavering, and she spent her days meditating and performing austerities in his honor. Impressed by her dedication, Lord Shiva granted her a boon that she could choose when and how she wanted to die.

Anjana’s life took a fateful turn when the demon king, Ravana, tried to disrupt her penance in order to marry her. In order to protect her chastity and honor, Anjana prayed to Lord Shiva for help. Pleased by her devotion, Lord Shiva promised her that he would be reborn as her son in her next life to protect her.

The Love Story of Hanuman and Anjana
In her next life, Anjana was born as a vanara princess, a race of monkey-like beings. She was raised by the wind god, Vayu, who had been entrusted by Lord Shiva to care for her. Anjana was known for her beauty, intelligence, and courage, and she caught the eye of the monkey king, Kesari.

Kesari was a valiant warrior and the king of the vanaras. He fell deeply in love with Anjana and they were married in a grand ceremony. Their love was pure and unwavering, and they were blessed with a son whom they named Hanuman. Hanuman was no ordinary child; he was an incarnation of Lord Shiva himself, born to fulfill his promise to Anjana.

Anjana’s Sacrifice and Devotion
Anjana’s life was filled with trials and tribulations. When Hanuman was just a baby, he was hungry and reached for the sun, thinking it was a ripe fruit. The sun god, Surya, was furious at this audacity and cursed Hanuman to forget his powers until someone reminded him of them. Anjana, overcome with grief, prayed to the gods to lift the curse and protect her son.

Despite the challenges and obstacles she faced, Anjana’s love and devotion for Hanuman never wavered. She stood by him through his adventures and quests, always guiding him and supporting him in his journey. Anjana’s strength and resilience were a source of inspiration for Hanuman, who revered her as his mother and mentor.

Legacy of Anjana
Anjana’s legacy lives on in the hearts of all those who know her story. She is remembered as a devoted wife, a loving mother, and a symbol of sacrifice and selflessness. Her unwavering faith in the divine and her courage in the face of adversity serve as a beacon of light for all those who face challenges in their lives.

In popular culture, Anjana is often overshadowed by the larger-than-life figure of Hanuman. However, her story is a testament to the power of love, devotion, and sacrifice. It reminds us that behind every great man, there is often an even greater woman who stands by his side and supports him in his journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who was Anjana in Hindu mythology?
Anjana was a divine Apsara who was born on Earth due to a curse. She later reincarnated as a vanara princess and became the wife of the monkey king, Kesari.

2. What was Anjana’s relationship with Lord Shiva?
Anjana was a devout worshipper of Lord Shiva, who granted her a boon that he would be born as her son in her next life to protect her from harm.

3. How did Anjana and Kesari meet?
Anjana and Kesari met and fell in love when Kesari, the monkey king, was captivated by Anjana’s beauty, intelligence, and courage.

4. What is Anjana’s significance in the story of Hanuman?
Anjana is Hanuman’s mother and plays a significant role in shaping his character and guiding him on his journey.

5. What qualities are attributed to Anjana in Hindu mythology?
Anjana is known for her beauty, devotion, courage, and resilience in the face of adversity.

In conclusion, Anjana’s story is a reminder that behind every great hero, there is often an unsung heroine whose love, sacrifice, and devotion are the pillars of strength that support him. Her story inspires us to appreciate the role of women in shaping history and mythology, and her legacy continues to be a source of inspiration for generations to come.


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