What to Eat After Training Bodybuilding?


We all know that our diet determines much of our results in terms of weight, some say 70% but let us rather base it on 50%. Knowing that this is 50% of our results depend on our power will then allow us to create a strategy nutritionally adapted to maximize our evolution and not make mistakes.

Your diet after your workout is important in achieving your goals. As you exercise your body is under stress, here’s what happens:

You tear your muscle fibers by the mechanical action of the weight, your muscles are in shock.

You live in a part of your stock muscle glycogen (sugar stored in your muscle) and blood. At my casino adviser you can find some awesome online casinos by which you can make money online.

Your body starts to produce a catabolic hormone (cortisol) that accelerates the degradation of your muscles. It also lowers testosterone levels and limits the burning of fat. This production peaked from a training hour.

Your nervous system is traumatized by exercising; he consumed a large amount of blood glycogen.

What to do to properly nourish the muscles during this anabolic window?

At this moment it is very important to give your body the right nutrients to feed your muscles, stop production and cortisol accumulation and initiate protein synthesis (muscle building) and in the hour following your training, you can also get listed some best uk online casinos here.Several options are then available to us: the first is that you use supplements to supplement your diet and the second is that you do not eat them. In all cases, the approach is more or less the same.

You must bring your body in one hour:

A source of carbohydrates glycemic index up to causes a spike in blood sugar and thus facilitates the delivery and absorption of nutrients into your muscles and recharge some of your stock of muscle glycogen.

A second source of carbohydrates, this time at low/medium glycemic index to provide the energy needed for muscle rebuilding and thus the magnification of your muscles.

A complete protein source preferably rapid digestion and assimilation initially to quickly feed your muscles, stopping muscle catabolism and switch on protein synthesis (muscle building).


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