Become An IT Expert: My Advice

Previously, computer experts were seen as full people. And I can mention that the number of people who looked at me in a weird way when I said that I was a fan of new technologies is no longer on my fingers.

               But today is a new era. The world is fueled by technology and communication. And being a computer enthusiast only has advantages. I even see that my son’s generation Nolan could all be geeks . And if we start waking up all the geeks that sleep in us?

What is a geek?

               To understand the meaning of the geek of our time, we must go back a few years to know the true roots of ”  geekery  “. In fact, it was at the beginning of the 20th century that this term came into being. From that time, itinerant circuses were at their peak. It included a character known as “geek”. This man had to do odd or disgusting things to bring amusement to the audience.

               Today, it is no longer a question of tearing the live chicken head with the teeth. Because a geek is a person who has profound knowledge in a field, he may even be obsessed with this area. When we talk about a geek, we mean computer programmers or professionals of this technique. However, you can also call geek people with in-depth knowledge of wine, automotive, series.

How to become a real geek?

               To become a real geek, you must know all the hardware components of the computer. The term “hardware” therefore refers to all the constituent elements of the PC as well as external computer hardware. To make more geek, use this term. When I talk about components, I mean circuits, peripherals, and so on. These materials can send, store, process and exchange information. This is also where we need to start to create a computer network.

               You must also master all the software components of the computer. We call software ( software in English) all of the applications, protocols, and programs that determine all the tasks performed by the computer.

               To deepen your knowledge, you must also understand the technical specifics of the computer. Generally, the basic information is in the control panel. But that’s not enough, because you have to know all the details of your machine. To do this, simply download a dedicated utility for this purpose, like CPU-Z.

               The command-line interface (CLI) or Command Line Interface (CLI) allows you to multitask on your computer without the need for a graphical user interface. So you have to learn how to use it. Its name changes depending on the operating system. On Windows it’s the command prompt. On Linux and Mac OS, it’s the terminal.

               This may be clear to some, but to be a real geek, you must learn to master the keyboard without looking. When you master your keyboard, you can work more efficiently.

               To develop your knowledge, do not hesitate to ask information to those around you. The field of computing is constantly evolving, so you need to update your knowledge.

               Programming is the fundamental basis of computing. You must learn programming languages. To begin, you must first know the different types of languages. HTML and CSS let you write web pages. Delphi and JavaScript are very useful for development. I advise you to learn several languages ​​to be the best performer.

               To begin, you must learn how to solve the so-called basic failures . This is the best way to put into practice all the knowledge you have learned so far. Start by repairing the computers of your loved ones. With a little luck, these will give you the reputation of a geek.

               By surrounding yourself with one or more computer enthusiasts, you can have more experiences. But it is not enough to receive, by sharing the knowledge you have already acquired, you can learn and improve your skills. But this step is not obligatory. I prefer people who know how to succeed on their own. But it depends on how your work is the way you learn.

               You must also master the installation and updating of the appropriate drivers for all types of hardware components.

               It is also very critical to identify and remove software that threatens the life of your computer. If you followed well, I even wrote an article dedicated to this purpose. As a computer expert, you should know that malware comes in several forms: spyware, viruses, rootkit. You probably do not realize, but malware is created every day. So you have to be at the cleat. Your protection must be the most efficient possible.

               By installing a firewall, you can always protect your computer from networks to which it may be connected without your knowledge.

               Most people who are passionate about computers use a free operating system. What does that mean? That the software is not the sole property of a company. Today, there are several free operating systems. But the best known are GNU / Linux and BSD. They are available free of charge and can be modified as you wish. You will have the opportunity to practice programming, using an online interface or a computer server.

               You must also be able to use keyboard shortcuts as you should. This will allow you to be faster when processing data. Also, you can work faster and without constraints.

               The Internet is an essential tool for all geeks. You must learn to master it in every detail. You must know all its functions, its uses and especially its flaws.

               Above all, do not rely on the knowledge you already have. As I said, IT is changing day by day. It is, therefore, necessary to improve your understanding by all possible means. You can find new insights on self-help communities, forums or specialized sites.